Amazon Advertising Services

The Amazon Marketing Challenge:

What is the first name that strikes your mind when talking about online shopping and e-commerce?

Got to be Amazon!

No doubt there are several other companies trying their best to rank on top when it comes to providing an online shopping portal to the vast number of potential customers out there, but the status and market value that Amazon has gained over the years is unmatched.

Amazon has a huge database of products and there are millions of sellers trying to sell their product through such a huge online shopping giant.

Now, if we look at the seller’s perspective, do you think it is easy to rank among the search results, by following the lengthier, time-consuming organic approach?

Competing with millions of other sellers and ranking among them takes a lot of time, especially if you try to rank organically. With organic marketing, you not only waste your money and time on your marketing tactics, but the results are too slow.

The Amazon Advertising Opportunity:

To save you that hassle, Amazon offers the options to advertise your product to users. It is a powerful method of getting your products in front of users at the time that they are searching for your / similar products.  But is it easy? Does it work well on ‘Auto-Pilot’?  Does it guarantee a positive ROI out-of-the-box? Simple answer – No!

Our Amazon Advertising Services:

Our Amazon Advertising Service helps amazon sellers take full advantage of the opportunity to advertise on Amazon. We offer Amazon PPC Management Services, under which we implement strategies to help your products show to users on Amazon thru paid ads / ppc ads. We also help make better use of the ad costs by optimizing to get improved ROI from them.

Following are some of the things which make us different from other Amazon Advertising Agencies in the area.

1) Understanding Your Business:
We devote some time initially to understand your business. As our goal is to help your business expand, we try to first understand your goals, your missions and targets that you want to achieve. During this phase, we analyze your business needs and make sure that we design the advertising strategy accordingly. We work conjointly with you and your team to know about everyone’s visions and plans. Then of course, we add our technical knowledge to provide you what you desire to achieve.

2) Auditing and Campaign Building:
Once we have fully understood your project needs, we then audit your existing Amazon campaigns (if you have any) and try to assess where they stand and how we can further improve them. Alternatively, if you have a fresh business and want to start with Amazon marketing, then we create catchy campaigns for you, so that you can gain maximum benefit and can quickly rank higher than your competitors. Moreover, our team also works in collaboration with your team to make any KPIs so as to measure the performance of our work.

3) Campaign Management:
The actual work of Amazon PPC Services does not end with just creating the ads and making them live. In fact, the actual hard work begins after the ads have been made live. Making beneficial and effective Amazon ads in one task and then managing them after they have been made live is another chore that require lots of expertise and knowledge about the technicalities. Gladly, experts at AZMCPC are proficient in making outstanding ad campaigns and then using them to bring in maximum benefits to your trade.

4) Review and Reporting:
At AZMCPC we believe in keeping our clients always in the loop so that they get each and every detail of the task which is being done on their project. We provide timely reports to you so that you can get the details about the progress of your business campaigns. After all, you are spending money for seeing your business grow via Amazon PPC Services, so it is your right to see how wisely your money is being spent and how much result you are getting after so much of hassle. Our reports include information about several aspects such as baseline of data for this time of the year, goal of the PPC campaign, baseline of data before this time frame, whether PPC numbers are getting down, up or staying neutral; determining whether the performance is going down, up or staying neutral; and other general learning and takeaways that give additional details about the progress of the project.

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